At last week’s meeting of the club, two of the club members with a special interest in wild-life photography shared the stage and each gave a fascinating talk about their interest in photographing local natural history.

Terry Hanna illustrated his talk with photographs he had taken recently with his newly acquired mirrorless camera which had greatly improved his ‘hit rate’ over this original DSLR. Most of Terry’s shots were taken out in the countryside although a few had been taken in Belfast Zoo.

Mark Hanna explained that he spent a lot of time in a hide which he had build and from this hide he was able to capture amazing photographs of animals such as buzzards, foxes, and pine martins.

Both Terry and Mark shared their enthusiasm for wildlife photography and were very willing to share their expertise such as knowing the signs to look out for to increase the chances of getting a photograph of a kingfisher in action. A good working knowledge of the behaviour of the animals in question is essential to obtain good photographs. Two similar but yet quite different talks were enjoyed by a very interested audience of club members.

At this week’s meeting, the images which have been submitted for Round 3 of the NIPA competition will be judged and the results announced.

New members are always welcome and if anyone with an interest in photography would like more details of joining the club they should visit the club website – –

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